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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have an after-hours number?

No. Though our phones are monitored, they are only answered during business hours.

If you have a mental health emergency (e.g., thoughts of harming yourself or someone else, feel out of control) or are concerned someone is in crisis, you should call or text 988 or go to your local emergency department.

Emails and social media are not constantly monitored and should never be used in emergency situations or for urgent concerns.

What are your hours?

Our clinicians are independent contractors and hours vary by provider. Our offices are generally open Monday – Friday 8 am to 4 pm and on select evenings. We do not offer weekend appointments.

Do you have any providers who prescribe medications?

No. We offer behavioral health, but not psychiatric services.

How do I know if you accept my insurance?

Insurance plans are highly personalized and variable. We make it easy by confirming your coverage and getting pre-authorizations for you! That’s why we need your insurance information to schedule. We will tell you what your deductible or co-pay is, and which of our providers can accept your coverage. We can also advise you on what services will not be covered by insurance. Ultimately, you are responsible for your treatment costs and insurance benefits.

Can I be seen if I don’t have insurance (or don’t want to use it)?

Yes! We offer private pay rates of $200 for an intake session and $150 per individual session. Private pay evaluations start at $950. We do offer payment plans but we do not use a sliding fee scale.

How do I know if I could benefit from therapy?

Receiving mental health treatment can be liberating, shows strength in recognizing and addressing a need for change from unproductive or even destructive patterns of thinking and behavior, and is an important component of overall wellness.

Anyone who has ever felt overwhelmed, had difficulty looking at a situation from all perspectives without judgment, or just wished they could have someone with whom to talk through a difficult circumstance could benefit from therapy.

There is one exception: No one should be “forced” to attend therapy. In order to fully benefit from mental health services, the client must be willing and ready to participate. Trying to push someone can actually cause harm and no one should be brought to therapy without being told what is happening.

Do you accept Medicaid?

Some of our providers are able to accept West Virginia Medicaid. Because there are many types of Medicaid plans, we need to have your specific information before we can fully determine this. We do not accept Unicare, nor can we accept Medicaid from any other state. Because Medicaid clients cannot be held to some of the same standards as commercial insurance and private pay clients, we reserve the right to limit our offerings to clients who demonstrate commitment to attendance and engagement. Also, some services may be deemed “not medically necessary” and Medicaid coverage can be more limited than some commercial plans. This is something beyond our control.

Can both of my children be seen at your facility?

Yes, but they would need to be seen by different providers. We believe all clients need to feel their privacy is respected and valued. This also applies in cases of partners and other family members.

Can I get services started for someone I’m concerned about?

If you are wanting to facilitate therapy services for an adult, you can provide information (presenting concern, insurance information); however, the person must consent to attend/participate and must set up their own appointment. We cannot contact an adult who is not our patient, nor can we release information about a client to anyone else without a signed release.

Do you do court ordered evaluations?
Yes! Click here to learn more about forensic evaluations.
Do you do ADHD evaluations? What about assessment for ASD?

Yes! Click here to learn more about clinical evaluations. Note: At this time, we are not able to accommodate evaluations for children under the age of five.

What should I expect in therapy?

Therapy sessions can be for individuals, couples, or families, are usually held once a week to once a month, and are scheduled on the hour for 55 minutes of service.

Active engagement from both therapist and client is essential to a positive therapeutic outcome. We believe it is vitally important for clients to feel relaxed and to be able to relate well to their provider.

Therapy can be brief (limited to a few sessions) or more long-term, and the type and duration of interventions is jointly decided by the client and the therapist.

Click here to learn more about our therapy services.

What should I expect if I’m scheduled for an evaluation?

Clinical Evaluations typically include three parts:

(1) a diagnostic interview (usually completed via telehealth and lasting one to two hours)

(2) the completion of psychological assessments (testing), which is done in person in the Morgantown office (usually around two hours)

(3) a feedback session where the results and recommendations are reviewed (typically telehealth and lasting about an hour)

Often, information from collateral sources (teachers, family members, other providers) is also collected.

It may be necessary for the provider to obtain pre-authorization from insurance before testing can be scheduled.

Testing should be completed shortly after the initial interview. You should not schedule until you are able to complete the entire process.

Click here to learn more about clinical evaluations.


Forensic evaluations are usually conducted all at once (interview and testing) and may be conducted in either office (Morgantown or Bridgeport), or in a correctional setting as arranged. Collateral information is required prior to the commencement of the interview, and a court order or contract is required.

Do you take students for training purposes in your practice?

Yes! Undergraduate and provisionally licensed doctoral (“gold card”) students are welcomed. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate master’s students due to billing and licensing requirements. We typically get student interns via course placement (agreements with local universities) as opposed to independent arrangements.

Use our contact form to send us a message for more information.

Are all of your providers licensed professionals?

Yes. Each of our providers are independently licensed and credentialed. Some may be supervised.

What types of psychological evaluations do you perform?

There are many different types of psychological evaluations. We can help with most of them, but we do not get involved in child custody cases, perform Social Security disability evaluations, or offer full neuropsychological testing. Due to high demand, we are not currently accepting referrals for children under the age of five. Most insurances will not cover assessment for IQ or the determination of learning disorders in private practice, as these are to be performed by the school.

Do you offer group therapy services?

At this time, we do not have any active therapy groups.

Do you offer Christian or spiritual counseling?

Many of our providers are willing to work with clients to incorporate religious and/or spiritual beliefs; however, we do not offer Christian counseling per se.

Do I need a referral from my doctor?

Nope! In most cases, you can fill out a referral for yourself or directly if you are referring someone else (e.g., someone on your caseload, a child in your care, etc.).

We hope this answers your questions. If not, please give us a call and one of our informative staff will be happy to assist! 304-241-1766 or email

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